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Donations with a Difference

Would you like to give nutritious delicious treats to the rescued residents at animal sanctuaries?  Well now you can!  Purchase Oat Baaas, Chickie Bickies, Doggy Bags or Cat Cookies, select the sanctuary you would like them to go to, and Happier Pets will send them on your behalf, to be gobbled down by your favourite rescued animals.

The sanctuaries to choose from are listed below (I hope to add more soon) and the snacks available are shown at the bottom of the page. You can purchase treats to donate to any one or combination of these sanctuaries, as a stand alone order or as part of an order for yourself.  

No freight charges are added to these donated treats, which will be sent to the sanctuaries once a box is filled.

Lefty's Place

Lefty’s Place is a small animal refuge in North East Victoria run by photographer, Tamara Kenneally. Named after her beloved sheep Lefty, it is home to rescued sheep, chickens, peahens, ducks, dogs and cats from a variety of backgrounds.

The main goal of Lefty’s Place is to document each animal's life from the time that they are in the farms/abattoirs etc through to their new and happy lives at Lefty’s Place.      

ALV Liberation Sanctuary

Animal Liberation Victoria have been rescuing animals for almost forty years!   Their new country sanctuary is a beautiful safe haven for many rescued from places of abuse such as farms and slaughterhouses.  Whilst the Sanctuary doesn't have it's own website or page just yet, you can check out ALV's work at,au


Forest Haven

Forest Haven is a vegan, eco friendly (off the grid) B&B. Their mission is to offer comfortable, friendly accommodation and serve up delicious meals while being ethically and sustainably responsible. They are home to rescued sheep and lambs, geese, ducks, hens, dogs and cats as well as a myriad of native wildlife.           


Willowite Animal Sanctuary is a private sanctuary based in Freshwater Creek, founded in 2006. Now home to 150 furry residents and over 50 feathered residents, Willowite is a haven for sick, injured and abandoned farm animals as well as domestic animals.

Big Sky

Big Sky Sanctuary is home to sheep, cows, pigs, roosters, dogs and cats. The residents at Big Sky come from a diversity of backgrounds. Some have found their way here after being rescued from the horrific conditions of factory farms, some rehomed, abandoned or considered no longer "useful". Each one has a unique story and each of them is welcomed with open arms.

Edgar's Mission

Edgar's Mission provides life-long love and care to hundreds of rescued animals of all species. They seek to create a humane and just world for humans and  non-humans, via education, advocacy and empowerment.

Strathlea Hills

Strathlea Hills is a self-funded animal sanctuary nestled on 118 acres in rural Victoria.  Home to chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, ducks, dogs, and cats, their aim is to educate people on the exploitation of 'farm' animals and to have people who have never interacted with these animals before come to see  the individual characters they are.

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Oat Baaaas, Sanctuary Snacks

Oat Baaaas, Sanctuary Snacks

A scrumptious snack bar loaded with nutrition, handy to lure in a shy new resident, whet the appetite of someone who's off their food, to entice into ..


Chickie Bickies Sanctuary Snacks

Chickie Bickies Sanctuary Snacks

Chickens love treats too!  And what a treat these are: oats, corn, watermelon - all the favourite delights chickens love in one easy treat, just ..


Doggy Bags

Doggy Bags

An assortment of treats for the canine companions at your favourite sanctuary.  Although most of these treats are also enjoyed greatly by sheep g..


Cat Cookies

Cat Cookies

An assortment of treats for the feline friends at your favourite sanctuary.  Tasty Tempeh Treats, Cheezy Biccies, Catnip Cookies and more will ke..


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