These humane mouse catchers allow you to lure uninvited little guests into an area where they can still see out and move around, to avoid them stressing out, but keep them securely in place to be transported to a new location.

Simply open the lid, put in some food (peanut butter is said to attract them), close the lid and place the catcher in an area you have seen them (or evidence of them), with the tunnel openings alongside the wall so they can easily run into them.  Once they go into the tunnels to access the food, a little door closes behind them so they can't escape.  A clear lid on the catcher lets you see when they are in there so you can take them to a new home. Please make sure the release location has places for them to hide from predators and access to water.

Note: Place the food inside the catcher more than a mouse's arm length away from the sides unless you want the entertainment of watching particularly brazen little guys sitting at the side of the catcher and reaching into it with their arms to drag the food over to them and out of the vents!!

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Humane Mouse Catcher

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