Walks and Play While You're Away

Going on holidays and worried about the furry family members?
Hate the thought of them being in cages?


Happier Pets visits your animals at home, so they can stay in the comfort of their own environment with all their own toys, beds, regular food, and usual walking route.  You can relax and have a great holiday knowing they are being very well looked after by a true animal lover who will take care of their food, water, exercise and cleaning up, and most importantly of all, give them lots of love and affection.

*No stress of taking them to and from a kennel or cattery*

*No fears about them becoming unwell or distressed by interactions with unfamiliar animals*

*No more having to ask friends or neighbours and hoping they remember*

*Your house doesn’t look unoccupied while you’re away*

Happier Pets doesn’t just cover the basics, we take the time to play, find that good scratching spot, walk dogs at their preferred pace, rub their bellies, and make sure they are happy and content. With 15 years experience as a professional pet minder (plus a life time of being an ardent animal lover), as well as being heavily involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation, of various species, you can rest assured your animals will be in very good hands.

Areas covered: South Western Suburbs of Melbourne - Altona, Seaholme, Brooklyn, Altona Meadows, Laverton, Seabrook, Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes, Williams Landing, Truganina, Tarneit, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Wyndham Vale, Yarraville, Derrimut, Williamstown, Footscray 


Holidays at Home  

45 mins                                                             $29 per visit

Each visit is at least 45 mins, and involves lots of pats and playing, a walk for dogs, feeding, water bowl refill, treats, poo pick up and/or kitty litter cleanout, bringing in mail, putting bins out and back in, watering plants, and if going inside the house, alternating lights and opening/closing blinds, so that it’s not obvious you are away. 

Second (or more) visits on the same day       $25 per visit

Quick Visit  

up to 30 mins                                                    $25 per visit

Ideal for birds, rabbits, fish or other animals who don’t require a lot of interaction.  These visits involve feeding, water refills, cleaning up, watering plants, bringing in mail, putting bins out and back in, and if going inside the house, alternating lights and opening/closing blinds.

Regular Walks   

30 mins            up to 2 dogs                       $25 per walk

60 mins            up to 2 dogs                       $45 per walk

Includes lots of pats and playing, a walk at whatever pace they prefer, and water bowl refill.  Perfect for dogs whose people are working long hours, as it provides exercise and stimulation, making sure dogs are happy and less likely to dig up the garden, bark excessively, or try to make you feel guilty!  Lots of fun for them, and no more stress for you about them being alone all day.

The first time you make a booking, a Happier Pets Minder will come and meet you and your animal/s to get to know them, record all the necessary information, and collect a key if required.   While you are away we can keep you informed of how they are, as often as you like.

Contact Happier Pets now on    0428 617 311    or info @ happierpets.com.au

Your animals will love holidays with Happier Pets!


Public Holiday Surcharge: $5 per visit

**Fully vaccinated and all covid-safe protocols followed**   

Client Testimonials

I give my highest recommendation to Happier Pets. Over the past 2 1/2 years Happier Pets has been caring for my multi species family several times every week. My home is a hospice for sick and disabled animals. They require a higher level of care than most pets. Happier Pets has shown so much compassion and love and expertise when caring for my gang which includes chickens, guinea pigs, dogs, a very elderly cat, pigeons and a blackbird. She knows them all as individuals and is so in tune with animals that she understands how they are feeling and delights in making them feel happy and safe in her care. She sends me photos of the animals to keep me up to date with how they are going. I love receiving these photos and updates. It is wonderful peace of mind when you need to be away from those you love. Happier Pets also makes disability aids for the animals. We have so many personalised wheelchairs for the disabled chickens, cushions and other aids that Happier Pets has designed and made herself. She brings the yummiest cruelty free treats that she bakes herself for the animals. She has become their ‘Aunty’ and in her care everyone is loved and spoilt rotten and kept safe. What more could you ask for? -Nicole, Werribee

As a pet owner (for the first time in a few decades) I found myself being at work and then stuck in traffic stressing over Darcy being at home by himself and not getting his second walk for the day in a timely manner. Our wonderful puppy school recommended Happier Pets and frankly Darcy and I couldn't be happier. Happier Pets walk Darcy once a day and when I have even bigger work days Happier Pets were able to increase the walks to twice a day. As Darcy’s fur mum, I now feel at peace during my work days and I literally come home to a happier pet! Darcy and I highly recommend Happier Pets! – Denise, Altona Meadows

My cat Milly used to be scared of everyone she’d hide in the wardrobe when we had guests.  We were very surprised when we got photos of her calmly sitting around the house during Happier Pets visits and on our third trip away we got photos of her playing with toys!!!  Since Happier Pets has been visiting she has been more confident with other people in the house too, now she sits and stares at our guests instead of hiding – Monica, Seabrook


Happier Pets has been walking our two dogs for years.  Before that one of them used to bark a lot and one would try to dig under the fence while we were at work.  Once they started having their regular walks they calmed down a lot and we’re no longer worried about neighbours complaining or them escaping the yard – Stephen, Altona Meadows

I am so glad I found Happier Pets! Having them looking after our cat Mickey is allowing us to truly enjoy every holiday just that little bit more. Knowing that he gets his pats and cuddles and the house is looked after too while we’re gone is such a relief. Mickey is generally not very good with strangers, but she knew how to win him over. We even got updates on how he was doing while we were gone! 10 out of 10! -Silvia, Tarneit

We would like to thank you so much for the excellent care you took of Kassi and Bella while we were away. We could tell as soon as we got home that they were well cared for and loved. Kassi has even improved, she is a lot more sociable and loving. Thank you and we would definitely use your services again in the future. I would highly recommend Happier Pets to all my friends. -Rae, Point Cook

Happier Pets has been looking after our pets for the past couple of years, and we have found the service to be exemplary!  Our pets were given much care, attention and love, and there were never any issues.  Happier Pets is a really trust worthy service and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone whose pets need looking after! -S & F, Truganina

We have been using Happier Pets now for two years. Our two girls, a Boxer and a Poodle, love their visits. We have been able to go away and leave them in their own environment, knowing they will be looked after so well. She comes and feeds them, walks them and plays with them.  And I think there's a bit of dancing there too.  My poodle especially likes the visits.  She runs laps around the house when Happier Pets visits.  I would not hesitate to recommend Happier Pets to anyone looking to go away and not put their dogs into a kennel.  I assure you they will be very well looked after, and spoilt.  -Sue, Werribee

We know our cats are in good hands with you as they always seem content and well fed when we get home!  It's so handy to be able to call on you at short notice too for those last minute weekends away.  You've had our house key for several years now and we know it's in safe and trustworthy hands with you.  Our plants survive and our mail is safely put inside too, which is always a handy part of your service.  What would we do without you!  -Christine, Seaholme

I have used Happier Pets for years now and I have happier pets.  I feel so secure going away leaving my two 'fur kids' in their care.  The first time we met and one of my cats ended up crawling around in the bag looking for the treats at the bottom told me that this was someone who loved animals and would care for them as I would.  I get updates on them while away and this only goes to make the experience for all of us the best it could be.  I have no hesitation in recommending Happier Pets to anyone if you want your pets to be patted, cuddled and loved as much as you do.  -K, Hoppers Crossing





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