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Sanctuaries and rescue groups do an amazing job of rescuing and rehabilitating animals.  We all hear the stories and see the photos and wish we could give the rescued animals a pat, a kiss, a belly rub, a snuggle, and a tasty treat.  Well now you can!  The treats part that is, the smooches might still have to be virtual ones.   

Happier Pets makes an assortment of treats for lots of different animals, based not only on tastiness but on nutrition and health for various species.  There are healthy scrumptious snacks for dogs, cats, bunnies and guinea pigs, horses, chickens and other birds, sheep, cows, pigs and goats.  All the treats are home made, using the highest quality ingredients with no fillers, preservatives or artificial colours. All of these treats have been widely sampled and given the chomp of approval for deliciousness.   

And now you can send them to the rescued animals at your favourite Australian sanctuary or rescue group - and you just might see a photo of them being gobbled up with glee on their social media pages.  Many of the treats are listed below but you can select any products on this site, including snacks for the humans if you'd like to add in something for them too.  Choose the treats you’d like to send, put the postal address of the sanctuary/group (most of these are available on their social media pages or websites) into the Delivery Details, and if you’d like to include a note for the humans, pop it into the Comments box.  Unless you prefer anonymity, your name will be included with the goodies so the humans can tell the animals who sent them the yummy snacks J

Rose and Maple Sticks for rescued Rabbits and Guinea Pigs at sanctuaries, shelters

Bunny Sticks, for Sanctuaries

Bunnies chew, that's what bunnies do!   Rabbits and guinea pigs need to chew on wood to keep their constantly growing teeth down, and to get..


Nutrigel, Nutripet vitamin supplement, appetite stimulant

Nutripet (Nutrigel)

Nutripet is a must have for any animal rescuer/rehabber, or anyone with unwell animals, it's often the difference between an unwell animal surviving o..


vet wrap animal bandage self adhesive pet wrap

Self Adhesive Bandage, Pet Wrap

A must have item for the first aid kit, this self adhesive bandage conforms easily to limbs, including joints, and stays in place well even during mov..


Suttons Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver, 1L

Silver has been known as a bactericide for over a thousand years. A colloid is a sub microscopic particle of one substance suspended in a different ..


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