Healthy Vegan Dog Treats, Australia

Happier Pets hand-make a variety of gourmet treats for dogs, all of which have been extensively taste-tested and given the lick of approval.

Our dog treats are all natural, Australian-made using organic ingredients where possible, plant-based, and come in a large range of flavours which have all been chosen for their health benefits to pooches - but they're so delicious they won't even know they're good for them.

Many of the Happier Pets Dog Treats come in Regular or Nibble size.   Nibble sized treats are ideal to put in a treat ball or carry with you whilst out walking. They are also good for older doggies whose teeth may no longer be up to the crunch of regular biscuits.  But if your doggo likes to swallow their food without chewing or sometimes accidentally chomps your fingers whilst taking a small treat from you, check out our Large treats or alternatively let me know and I may be able to bake their favourite flavours into a larger sized snack for them.

A note about our ingredients:
All ingredients used in our treats are of the highest quality, and no artificial colourings, preservatives or flavours are added nor are any sugars or fillers.  Happier Pets treats contain no dairy, eggs, meat, or other animal-derived ingredients.  Most dogs and cats are lactose intolerant to some extent. They don’t produce the enzyme Lactase, which is required to break down and digest Lactose (milk sugar). Dairy products in your dog or cat’s food can be the cause of abdominal discomfort, gas and diarrhoea. The only milk that any animal should consume, is that produced by their mother.  Happier Pets biscuits are all low-sodium and low in fat.  No Happier Pets treats contain nuts, as animals can be allergic to them just as humans can.   

A note about packaging: 

If you are purchasing multiple bags of a particular flavour of Happier Pets Dog Treats and you'd like them combined into a larger bag to reduce packaging, let me know and I'd be happy to do so.   

In order to minimise packaging waste, orders are sent out in recycled boxes, which can then be used again or put into your recycling bin.   

Happier Pets treats are a snack and should not replace a well balanced diet.   

** All proceeds from Happier Pets Treats go to supporting rescued animals **

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